What’s a kickboxing class like?

During any of our kickboxing classes, you will combine cardio (getting your heart rate, to burn fat fast) and resistance training (actually toning and conditioning your muscles with isolated exercises). This will help you reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible. There is no direct contact during class. So if you’re worried about heading to work with a potential black eye or bloody nose, DON’T.

Each kickboxing class will feel different and the more you know (aka the more you attend classes) the more fun it gets! The combos and exercises are always changing to prevent you from getting bored or plateauing.

If you want the actual contact. our Fighter Training program gets you results, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! It’s unlike any other kickboxing class you’ve attended.

What if I’m too weak/old/not tough enough etc. to kickbox?

Nope, no more excuses! One of the best things about Evo Kickboxing is that anyone and everyone can do it and we’ll teach you how! Guys and gals alike will be able to perform all of the movements and exercises. We also have Kids Kickboxing classes for both boys & girls ages 10-12 and Kids Kickboxing ages 9 and under.  So no matter the age, 13-100, No one is too out of shape, heavy, or not tough enough to kickbox with Evo! 

Do you run any challenges or special programs?

We at Evolutionary Sports have our premier Challenge, Fight2Lose. It is a 5-week all-inclusive program. Check out here >>Click Me<< for more info. We will periodically run specials as well. Just check out our News and Events.

So how do I start at EvoSports?

Come down and visit us at Evolutionary Sports in West Warwick. Call us now at 401-222- 9343 or email us at EvoSports or schedule your consultation here. This is a FREE Consultation, and we will give you a free one-on-one training class with one of our motivating coaches.

Ask about our special offer for new and returning members!

They will walk you through the process of getting started, where to put your things, enrolling you on a Challenge, or figure out what is best for you. Then you will work with them one-on-one, going at your pace, and learning the different types of punches and kicks that we do and how to use the equipment. Once we know you are comfortable and safe, we will congratulate you on a job well done and remind you that you are here to have fun! 

What if I’m too out of shape & injure myself?

Truth is, you can twist your ankle walking to your car in the morning, but you don’t let that stop you from going to work, right? Like with any exercise, kickboxing can cause injury. No shock there. However, this is why we request all new members to take a one-on-one intro even if you’ve kickboxed before. Learn the moves … stay safe and feel more comfortable in your first class.

What if I look silly or don’t know what I’m doing?

You have to start somewhere. At Evolutionary Sports we all remember what it was like to be the “newbie.” We know how awkward and uncomfortable it can feel in the beginning, but that comes with the territory of learning anything new. But guess what!? You get to take that FREE 15-minute intro where we’ll teach you all the basics and alleviate some of that newness. When we say Evo is different, we mean it. We work hard to maintain a “family” orientated atmosphere where you’ll feel welcomed and able to be yourself.  

What do I wear to class?

Something comfortable to work out in…. t-shirt and sweat pants, shorts or capri- pants.  

An hour! What if I don’t last that long?

The idea of Kickboxing for 60-minutes can seem daunting, and of course, you’re going to be sore. There’s no way around it. But the good news is, you’ll quickly gain energy and feel amazing! 99% of people who walk through the doors at Evolutionary Sports see within the first 10-minutes that all of their prior concerns are nothing to worry about They forget all about them and have an awesome time losing weight and getting in awesome shape!

Can I bring a friend?

Of course, We have a robust referral program. We understand that friends can be awesome motivators and really great support systems. But at Evo, we’re really interested in you getting the individualized attention you need at your Intro Class so you can have the safest, most enjoyable experience possible. And make sure you ask about our special offer for new and returning members.

What if I get pregnant? Can I still Kickbox?

YES! Evolutionary Sports has had multiple students continue to kickbox throughout their pregnancy. Once you get the “OK” from your doctor we will work with you and stay in constant communication to ensure a safe and healthy environment for you and your baby. Since you’re already accustomed to the workout, there won’t be an issue with continuing your routine. As your pregnancy progresses, you will adjust your intensity level accordingly and be mindful of your heart rate. Since there is no direct sparring contact or heavy lifting, kickboxing is perfectly safe! 

How often do I need to attend class?

Three times a week would be an ideal minimum for those just starting classes.  Once you become a member at Evolutionary Sports in West Warwick you may attend as many classes as you would like unlimited.

Will this type of work out cause me to gain muscle?

The type of exercise we do at Evolutionary Sports in West Warwick will not put on muscle mass.  It is designed to tone and condition the muscle you have.

Should I eat something before class and if so what?

Yes, something small at least an hour prior to class.  Something with complex carbohydrates is recommended. Bananas will prevent you from form cramping.

Do we take breaks during the classes?

The class does not stop to take breaks; however, we do encourage you to take small breaks on your own as you start to feel you need them.  Remember, you can tailor the class to suit you at Evolutionary Sports in West Warwick.

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Starting your fitness journey can be exciting and scary. We strongly encourage our members to ask any questions they may have to make sure they feel comfortable and prepared for each step of the journey.
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