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Class Overview

The Fight2Lose program is the ultimate weight loss program that offers comprehensive support to help you reach your fitness goals. The program is designed to provide you with a complete package of training classes, nutritional guidance, and weekly accountability to ensure you are on track to achieve your desired results on your fitness journey.

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Fight2Lose is built on three pillars, Nutrition, Exercise, and Accountability.

Pillar #1 - Nutrition: The Nutrition pillar involves a meal plan and nutrition class to teach you how to eat healthily and make smarter food choices.

Pillar #2 - Exercise: The Exercise pillar includes training classes that incorporate high-intensity kickboxing moves to help you burn calories and tone your body.

Pillar #3 - Accountability: The Accountability pillar includes weekly weigh-ins, monthly measurements, and mentorship to ensure you are staying motivated and making progress towards your goals. What does the program offer?

The Fight2Lose program offers private group meetings where you can connect with other members for support, motivation, and encouragement. Additionally, the program includes an initial personal training session to assess your fitness level and create a personalized workout plan tailored to your needs.

What does the program provide?

The program is all-inclusive, providing you with all the necessary equipment, including gloves, wraps, pads, t-shirt, and handbook. The program also includes macros setting, which is a crucial aspect of weight loss and muscle gain. With this feature, you can customize your diet to your unique body composition and achieve better results.

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With the Fight2Lose program, you will have access to weekly accountability to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your goals. The program provides comprehensive mentorship, and with the support of experienced trainers, you can expect to see results faster than with other programs.

Why Choose the Fight2Lose program:

The program is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in your weight loss journey. Whether you are just starting or have been trying to lose weight for a while, this program offers the perfect blend of nutrition, exercise, and accountability to help you achieve your desired results.

Don't wait any longer; sign up for the Fight to Lose program and schedule your free consultation today!

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71 Manchester Street, West Warwick, RI 02893

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